Who we are

We are a small family business located in São Lourenço in the south of Minas Gerais.

In 1991, while visiting a friend's house, he observed one of our founders Marcos Carnevalli, a swarm of bees that wanted to migrate to his basement. Curiosity about the species took over and so he began to study them.

The curiosity was so great that he started to put it into practice and together with his wife at the time Mara Luiza Romualdo came the dreams of setting up a Entreposto de Mel e Cera de Abelhas in 1997.


While Marcos worked in the field, the founder Mara was responsible for selling the products produced in her store.

Unfortunately, the famous flood of the year 2000 took place and took everything that had been planned so far down the drain. But perseverance combined with curiosity made us start all over again.

A decade later, with hard work, we were able to complete the project for the current honey and beeswax warehouse at Apiário Flor de Mel.

Her daughters, Julia and Laura, since they were little started to work and always watching their parents work, idealizing an even better future for their company and family.

In 2020, his daughters are at the head of the company to continue and expand the family business.



With dedication and commitment, Apiário Flor de Mel has certification of Good Manufacturing Practices provided by MAPA, thus adding reliability and quality to our processes.


The company invests in the modernization and expansion of its infrastructure, in order to meet the needs of its partners.